Top Quotation Modules for PrestaShop to deliver more values

There are a lot of ways to make your business stands out from the rest of the vast market that is on the Internet. You need to create more value for the customers and make them care about your product more than price.

Giving quotations is a brilliant idea for eCommerce. It serves both purposes of being transparent with the customers and maintaining the role of a sales-boosting factor.

In this article, we introduce to you the top 7 quotation modules from Prestashop.

1.Complete for Create a Quote in Frontend + Backend

Complete for Create a Quote in Frontend + Backend

This is the No.1 Prestashop Module for solicitation a Quote from site to proprietor store.

With just a few clicks, your customers can have a quote sent right back to their email without any login requirement.

This module is perfect for boosting your conversion rate through the trust factor with your buyers. It also offers you a great range of features to customize the process:

  • Makes a catch of ‘Add to Quote’ on item pages
  • Make/Edit Quote from BackOffice with the administrator account
  • Convert a Quotation to an Order
  • Email cautions to client and trader when a citation is sent
  • The administrator can change all email formats in dashboard
  • Just showcase Quote catch for certain Products included or Categories


2. Ask for a Quote (devis) Module

This Module Prestashop creates an environment in which your clients are encouraged to ask for a quote for any item, to negotiate with your online assistant for a better price, and to finalize their orders.

Ask for a Quote (devis) Module

This is suited best for B2B commerce. Take a look at some of its features:

  • Works superbly one next to the other with ordinary cart
  • Works superbly under list mode empowered shops
  • It is available in the Quick-View window as well
  • Can freeze to stop customers to submit new deals
  • Showcases amount choice for list mode shops

The module gives your customers a sense of control in their decision. And that’s what drives sales.


3. Form Builder

Form Builder

This Module for Prestashop Addons Prestashop is not only a great quotes addon but also an all-in-one form-building-platform!

You have a limitless bank of forms and leads to get information. You also can put the forms you created on anywhere you’d prefer on your website. Moreover, you can turn the forms into individual URL.

More reasons to add this on your menu bar:

  • This is 100% open-sourcee;
  • No-license key required, you can test on numerous Prestashop before finalizing your valid account for the module;
  • Perfect with all Versions of Prestashop: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
  • Tried on various servers: Windows, Linux
  • Free lifetime support for fix bug.

Short and compulsive-buying-oriented or detailed and informed quote pop-up? Your choice!


4. Product Quotation

Product Quotation

Prestashop Addons have a lot to offer in terms of quotation. The one we’re about to show you will help you design the quote form to a T. From there, it will guarantee a 20% rise in conversion rate due to its functions.

  • Include “Add to Quote” catch to Any Product even the Out of Stock
  • The choice to demonstrate “Add to Quote” catch on the Product posting page
  • Alternative to shroud cost on the item page
  • Empower citation for a particular classification, items or client gatherings
  • Email Notification to Admin when New Request for Quote is put

The module is also a great way to monitor and build your client database. You can put in the form several pieces of information lead to collect the data you want for further campaigns and marketing plans.

Put this on your Prestashop Menu, and you’ll surprise with how it increases your quotation request.


5. Responsive Ask for a Quote Module

Responsive Ask for a Quote Module

Amongst the Modules Prestashop, this one stands out as an excellent solution for designing, placing, storing, managing and sending quotes for clients.

Here is something that benefits your customers:

  • Adaptability to get the most ideal cost by statement demands
  • Online deal probability
  • Requesting in high volumes
  • Capacity to set up the best contact with the dealer at the item and the cost you need.
  • As it were, doling out the dealers for the benefit of you to locate the most ideal cost

And that equals sales. The module also comes with 3 months of free support that answer any of your questions and concerns.


6. Cart Quotation Wizard Module

Cart Quotation Wizard Module

With this module on your Prestashop Slider, you can put a charm on your customers with an easy-download and professional-looking quote.

This helps you:

  • Enable clients to download a PDF duplicate of their shopping basket as a statement with one basic snap.
  • Enable clients to email statements to themselves or different associates without the requirement for them to make a record. Fast and easy for the client.
  • Clients can change over their email citations to a buy with a single tick from the email they get, it couldn’t be any simpler.
  • Clients can likewise spare various citations for review/downloading/messaging/acquiring later.
  • This is also beginner-friendly, and it comes with a detailed manual and support-after-purchase policy.

This module exports quotes as PFD and you can install it directly on a lot of Prestashop versions without updating your store.


7. B2B

Lastly, we will discuss a feature within Modules for Prestashop that offers you more than just a quotation button. This 3-in-1 pack collects information of visitors and turns them into customers.

The pack works in 2 steps. 1st, update product details and at the same time display same niche products. Then 2nd, allow customers to download a quote from a product or their cart.


Here are some of what this module is capable of:

  • It allows clients to keep in touch and tell you what precisely they need.
  • Allows clients to state the amount they are eager to pay
  • Related items increment per-client deals.
  • Present items in item footer, item footer tab or left/right section.
  • Show items in the table and let your clients look at them.
  • Have at least two distinctive related items arrangements simultaneously.

This will give you a precise picture of how your business performs and you can edit as well as tweak it for higher growth.

Download here:

In this post, we’ve presented to you the top 7 quotation addons within Prestashop Modules that can be compatible with any requirement you have. Choose your feature and make your eCommerce better with it.

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