Top 10 Prestashop Modules for customizing Product before checkout

As an eCommerce entrepreneur who is running an online store built on PrestaShop, you must love to set up useful add-ons to support your business.

When a customer participating in online shopping, you can have a lot of requirements for the products you choose.

It will be more convenient if customers can customize the products that they are about to buy. Therefore, website designers need to choose tools to effectively support their products before payment.

If you want more convenience in customizing your product before making a payment, let explore 10+ PrestaShop modules for customizing products in this article.

10+ PrestaShop modules for customizing product

1. Product selection and customization

Product selection and customization

Product Options and Customization” is a PrestaShop module that allows you to create custom public product fields and assign them to several products and even some categories in your online store.

With this module for Prestashop, you will be able to select a field type (text, selection, image) to provide them with a predefined value and also assign them an additional cost.

Then, you will only be able to manage the stock of products to customize, without having to go through the properties. Prices will be automatically recalculated according to your client’s custom.


 2. Customized products

With this PrestaShop module, allow your customers to customize their products and have dynamic prices calculated based on the value they enter.

If you want to sell products that can be adjusted for each of your customers, this module Prestashop will help you provide a dynamic solution where prices are charged while flying.

Customized products

You will have absolute control over the areas of the product and also on the method of calculating costs as well as weight.

Besides, dynamic prices will be calculated from user-entered values and using formulas that you can easily identify. The weight calculation will be used to calculate distribution costs and this calculation will also be done using a weighted formula.


3. Customize products – Add text to images

This PrestaShop extension allows your customers to add custom text on a product image to personalize the product.

Customize products - Add text to images

Summary of features:

  • Enable content personalization only for products of your choice
  • Set the number of text fields
  • Set the maximum number of characters for each school
  • Identify an information text (multilingual) for each school
  • Select the default font
  • Select the default text size
  • Select the default text color
  • Select the default text location
  • Allow or prohibit font client changes
  • Allow or not allow customers to change text size
  • Turn on or prohibit customers from changing the color of the text
  • Turn on or prohibit customers from changing the position of the text
  • Customers can view the custom inside their shopping cart
  • You can view customizations on your dashboard (in the “Orders” tab)
  • You can download the image with the text above
  • Free support and quality in the 90s after purchasing the module to help you in case of problems with the module



Cdesigner” gives your customers the best way to customize products in real-time, for the ability to select images, import images from Instagram, FACEBOOK and place them in many different forms.


Summary of features:

  • Allow customers to customize products online
  • Full management from the control panel (hide products, wallpapers, text, images, fonts, as well as font colors).
  • Customers can upload their images to print.
  • Customers can import their photos from Instagram.
  • Customers can download their photos from FACEBOOK.
  • Add multiple texts on custom product covers.
  • Change the color and style of the text.


 5.Custom Products Design Studio Module

Custom Products Design Studio Module

These are PrestaShop extensions allow customers to customize their products before purchasing your online store.

Summary of features:

  • Customize products according to customers
  • Add fonts, colors, textures, and images,
  • Store photos in groups that you can create
  • Pricing for each product (dynamic or fixed)
  • Configure the location of the elements
  • Allow your customers to add their images from links or files
  • Get your customized orders with all customizations defined by customers
  • This Prestashop addon also automatically detects the dominant color of your images to allow customers to change their colors


 6. Advanced customization

Advanced customization

Prestashop add-on completes the PrestaShop product customization tool by providing additional field types 10.

Some custom options are available for your customers: Print text on a cup; Choose a font, color or rental date of a car … everything is possible but the standard tool is limited.

Indeed, PrestaShop only allows identification of free text fields, so it depends on the customer to type that he wants blue in “Time New Roman”, as well as it is impossible.


7. GrooveFX


GrooveFX” is the first fully-featured WEB-TO-PRINT application in the print object market.

Among other things, its features include a photo gallery, download, frame, text, effects, zoom, auto margin, object preview, HD recovery.

This Prestahop module allows your customers to easily customize products in your PrestaShop store.


8. Additional Product Attributes / Custom Product Fields Module

Additional Product Attributes / Custom Product Fields Module

The section that specifies the parameter or receives additional information from the customer with additional product attributes applies to all products with a paid attribute. You c an choose the date of purchase, the area to enter text into the product, the product checkbox purchased, not purchased or will buy.

Now you can customize any product page with this utility module. Here is how to edit and collect information from your customers easily.


9. Massive Custom Fields Evolution Module

If you are tired of having to add text to each shirt, choose the size for each table or simply say you have to spend a lot of time for a repetitive gesture with each product the same, then this module is really useful to you.

Massive Custom Fields Evolution Module

Now you can add text to many shirts or greeting cards, etc. You can freely create custom fields for all products and you can also delete all fields in one click.


10. Product Designer

Product Designer

If you are looking to please your customers by giving them options to edit products on their own. You can expect help from this module.

With this powerful product designer, you can let your buyers select their favorite colors, add patterns, texts, photos, or anything I want on their items.



This article is my point of view to contribute to the ease of product customization for customers before payment.

The above Prestashop modules are filtered from many sources, I hope that readers will take advantage of buying online goods.

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