Prestashop SEO tips: Prestashop Modules to Skyrocket your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what all online merchants need to do for their eCommerce sites.

For PrestaShop SEO, we have a lot of helpful PrestaShop Addons to do that. In this PrestaShop SEO tips, I will introduce some PrestaShop Modules to skyrocket your website.

5 Must-used Prestashop modules for your website

1. PrestaShop SEO Expert Module

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Rank up yourself on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with organic traffic is no longer a dream.

This PrestaShop SEO Expert module will automatically fill in not only meta tags but also social media meta tags to increase your store’s visibility on both search engines and social networks.

Automatic meta tags filling can increase productivity and save you a lot of time at the same time. Let’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex promote your eCommerce store on their first result pages.

Visibility improvement is available for every language of your store. Thus, you can speed up the conversion rate and magnify your revenue with high-quality traffic. Your PrestaShop store will also become distinguished with customized rules for all of your products.

As a bonus, this PrestaShop Module supports adaptive shared titles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, too. Therefore, you can double your number of potential customers from those platforms.

Crucial meta tags that you should modify with this module:

  • Product Title (Meta Title): the title shown at the top of each page and in search engines, which is essential for SEO.
  • Product description (Meta Description): it summarizes your page on SERP for searchers and attracts them to click.
  • Product Keywords (Meta Keywords): search keywords that are mostly used by Bing or Yahoo.
  • Slug: correct page link so that each page can have keywords included in its link address.
  • Form social network meta tags for Twitter cards or Facebook Shared titles.

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2. PrestaShop Page Cache Ultimate Module
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This PrestaShop addon will help you to cache the total page so that the browser can load your site much more quickly.

A full-page cache will halve your page loading time! It is especially necessary for any PrestaShop store that has load time longer than 3 seconds.

The faster your site loads, the more search engines appreciate your store and traffic come to your site.

On the contrary, the slower your website is, the more visitors want to abandon access, and even never come back. Furthermore, a slow site will hardly get a high rank in search engines.

What options this PrestaShop Page Cache Ultimate Module gives you:

  • Configure the cache of individual pages (enable or disable, timeouts on the duration on a browser side).
  • Save cache on a Memcache server or hard driver.
  • Find out and put the slowest modules in order (from Prestashop version 1.7).
  • Analyze your PrestaShop store and help you to optimize it.
  • Automatically refresh cache when you change settings in the PrestaShop back office.
  • Provide a preview mode to test the performance of the cache before enabling it for all visitors
  • Measure time to first byte (TTFB) improvement.
  • Remove cache via the module configuration page and CRON URL.
  • Compatible with Content Delivery Network (CDN) and multiple stores.

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3. PrestaShop SEO Optimizer – Advanced SEO Expert Module

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Another excellent module for SEO PrestaShop which will automatically make Sitemaps, adjust the Robots.txt file, redirect URLs and many things more for you. Let’s make out some special points:

  • Automatically set up Meta Title & Description of your product, Categories & CMS pages in Multiple Languages
  • Create Google Social Profiles.
  • Redirect any URL you want.
  • Find out keywords for SEO PrestaShop
  • Add Product Cards on social networks
  • Correct the URL option.
  • Enable Google Search and Google site name configuration for your PrestaShop store.
  • Increase SEO rankings and Click-Through

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4. PrestaShop SEO Images (ALT Tags) Module

Image’s caption and description can help to increase your store’s visibility on search engines, especially on image search result pages.

And, the SEO Images (Alt tag) module will automatize unique ALT tag creation for product images, which promotes your site’s page ranking.

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There might be thousands of product images on a PrestaShop store, so the automatically personalized alt tag content generation process will save you a lot of time. Moreover, not everyone can create a bright and outstanding tag content for all pictures on his websites.

You can select your favorite renaming templates from a menu (product name, category name,…); set rules by specific language or all languages on your store; establish specified regulations on different categories.

With PrestaShop SEO Images (ALT Tags) Module, you can overwhelm in the SEO competition with various SEO image rules for every image and enjoy the huge amount of natural traffic coming from search engines.

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5. Sitemap Generator for SEO (XML & HTML) Module

Natural SEO on your site with a few clicks which is applicable to all search engines may sound unbelievable at firsts. However, with the automatic sitemaps generation feature this PrestaShop module provides, you can achieve that easily.

A sitemap is an XML or HTML file that shows the overall structure of your store with the resources and content in a pecking order, which facilitates not only web crawlers but also user navigation.

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HTML sitemaps also simplify browsing on your website and thus improve the experience for customers and decrease bounce rate.

You can lead a lot of traffic to your PrestaShop store at ease by directly sending your web’s sitemap to all kinds of search engines.

Then, you will have them index any pages you want in any way you like! It will also be possible for you to automate your sitemap generation and the search engine optimization of your new products with tasks!

This fantastic PrestaShop Sitemap Generator for SEO (XML & HTML) Module will allow you to:

  • Sitemap language selection.
  • Include image links in the sitemap.
  • Create a sitemap from any pages of your store.
  • Build a tactical content list quickly in sitemaps: the level of importance and priority of categories or products, the correcting prevalence, activity on your PrestaShop store, etc.
  • Create a CMS page to display the map of your site in detail.
  • Modify the display of your sitemap: type of presentation (multiple columns or continuous block) and adapt it to your store’s theme.

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Final Words

Generally, the list above has included the best Modules for PrestaShop SEO. While you can try many other PrestaShop Addons for similar purposes but they are likely to take less impact.

Only the listed above are Prestashop Modules to Skyrocket your website. Let’s give a try and see it by yourself.

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