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Complete for Create a Quote in Frontend + Backend


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Software Version: PrestaShop, PrestaShop 1.6.0+, PrestaShop 1.6.1+, PrestaShop 1.7.x+, PrestaShop 8.x+

Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

The #1 of Prestashop Module for request a Quote from website to owner store.


For Merchant

  • Increase your revenue, by giving your clients the option of creating a quote in a few clicks
  • Notification in Email or Dashboard when New message or New Quote

Full Features

  • Creates a button of ‘Add to Quote’ on product pages
  • Unlimited quantity product, combination, attributes for add to Quote List
  • Allow customer convert a Cart into a Quotation with 1-click in Cart page
  • Allow setup Group access: Admin can allow some specify groups can use Quote module.
  • Create/Edit Quote from Backoffice with admin account
  • Delete/Add Products to a Quote from Backoffice
  • Convert a Quotation to an Order: Admin can convert a Quote to an Order or email a Checkout link to a customer. Customer have received this link in their email, click it to open and checkout on your website as a normally Cart.
  • Support to add Tax, Shipping cost for Quotation from Backoffice
  • Customer can review Quotation List before send It to admin
  • Email alerts to customer and merchant when a quotation is sent
  • Admin can change all email templates in dashboard
  • Customer can attach File while submitting Quotation in frontend
  • Email to customer when Quotation updated
  • Admin can add / setup multiple email addresses to receive notification
  • Multiple languages in email template
  • Setting Expired day for Quotation in PDF
  • Download Products of Quotation to CSV file
  • Export any Quotation to PDF file (very nice PDF)
  • A customer can request multiple Quotation
  • Customer can manage their Quotation List from their dashboard after logged in Frontend
  • Admin can manage, view detail, remove all Quotes in Backend
  • Admin can view history of communication or send messages to the customers who have to request a quote from Backend
  • Alert to admin when any customer reply message through Backend and Email
  • Customer can view any Quote’s detail: see history of communication or send messages to the admin from their dashboard after logged in with your account
  • Admin & Customer can view message Unread, read from dashboard
  • Customer directly reply message with no Sign in on website: When admin send any messages to customer from backend. An Email will send to customer include a Unique link. Customer can click this link to view detail their Quote and directly reply to admin from this URL with no Sign in, it is easier! Also customer can reply message from their dashboard after logged in website.
  • Unique ID and Number is generated for each quote
  • Display Quote button in Category page and Quickview mode
  • Captcha in submit form for protected website to spamer
  • (Optional): Show price at check out
  • (Optional): Customer must login before submit quote
  • (Optional): Hide button Add to cart while button Ask quote display
  • (Optional): Only display button Ask quote when the product is out of stock
  • (Optional): Only display button Ask quote when the product is priced at = 0
  • (Optional): Only display Quote button for some Products included
  • (Optional): Only display Quote button for some Categories
  • Compatible to multiple languages
  • Responsive on Tablet, Mobile
  • Compatible Prestashop Cloud


  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Clean code
  • Cache system…

For Customer

  • Get best price with exclusive Quotation
  • Save Chat history, Quotation on their account

Nice Features

Add a button to Product page

Email to admin & customer after Send Quote or Reply any Message

Customer can click directly Reply from link in Email, No login required.

Also Customer can read/manage Quote/Quote detail from their dashboard

Notification in admin Dashboard when any New message or any New Quotation

Admin can manage Quotation, Settings:

Good module

Very useful module and impeccable technical assistance. Very satisfied

Great module at an affordable price. Support is very good and software y very usefull. Great developer team..

Votre Technicien a été Très efficace et très Professionnel, Merci à Lui, à Recommander. Au revoir ,

As an experienced business owner and regular online purchaser I was not pleased with my recent purchasing experience.
I found the ordering and subscribing instructions confusing. When I tried to phone I found the recorded message rather strange.
The chat line was somewhat slow in response.
I would not purchase any other items from your company.

Third time using the prestashop module of this company.
The module works well for what I need. Cheers.

I have to give you 5 start because your quote is so good and your support is good as well. you attend to issue, no matter how many issue it is, you will attend to it. am happy using your product.

After installation, it does not work at all. But after I found information on the internet that they were mising folder, I got it to work smoothly but there were some fuctions that still do not work.
My customer he was tired of both me and the software during the weeks that went. This product is not even in alpha stage. The support seemed to destroy almost all functions that work before.

Poor multi language support, creating duplicates.
Poor support - no response in weeks.

Easy to setup. Great support


Release version 1.0.1

- add optional: Show price at check out

- add optional: Hide button Add to cart while button Ask quote display

- add optional: Only display button Ask quote when the product is out of stock

- add optional: Only display button Ask quote when the product is priced at = 0

- add optional: Only display Quote button for some Products included

- add optional: Only display Quote button for some Categories

Release version 1.0.2

- add optional: Customer must login to submit quote request

- fix email template belong language

- redesign backend

- display in Quickview & Category List

Release version 1.0.3

- fix style in module

- move Javascript code to tpl file

- add optional: Show captcha Y/N, Display button Ask quote in Category Y/N

- change captcha code

Release version 1.0.4

- fix CSS in backoffice

- fix issue can not send quote if product has not attributes

Release version 1.0.5

- download product in CSV file

- export Quotation to PDF file

- Edit price from Admin's Dashboard

- change workflow for stock = 0 or price = 0

- change alert to popup

- disable some buttons when send Ajax

Release version 1.0.6

- add Email to customer from admin

Release version 1.0.7

- fix WRONG column in CSV

- change column title in CSV file

Release version 1.0.8

- Allow upload file while submit Quotation

- download file from backoffice

- add Quotation expired in Settings

- change PDF style

- fix submit form, generate PDF in backoffice

- add expired days

Release version 1.0.9

- add company field in frontend

- change PDF template from admin

Release version 1.0.11

- compatible 100% to prestashop 1.7+

- fix can not enter 0 in quantity from backend

- fix parsefloat while enter quantity, price in admin

- fix utf-8 in email

- add formatCurrency

Release version 1.0.12

- fix askquote_base_url variable

- fix get main photo

- Hidden Price in popop when use this optional

- remove validate phone field in Quote form

- fix Cache database (APC, Memcache..)

- fix can not add multiple times in Products detail

- add hidden right column in Quote cart

Release version 1.0.13

- remove all conflict style and restyle module

- fix myquote17.tpl {$link_myquote_seo nofilter|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8' }

- fix line 609 Tool.js

- fix wrong controller searchajax.js

- add Encoding = "base64";

- add nofilter in myquote17.tpl, tabsetting.tpl

- fix translation in Email, PDF file from backoffice

- fix can not send email when subject empty

Release version 1.0.14

- fix Send Email without subject

Release version 1.0.15

- create quote from backoffice

- add/edit product in backoffice

- add Tax, Shipping Cost

- fix font non-utf8 in messages

- fix add variant in prestashop 1.7+

Release version 1.0.15

- create quote from backoffice

- add/edit product in backoffice

- add Tax, Shipping Cost

- fix font non-utf8 in messages

- fix add variant in prestashop 1.7+

Release version 1.0.16

- Attached PDF to Email

- fix link in Email

Release version 1.0.17

- fix shippingcost name

- fix Estimate Tax Cost

Release version 1.0.18

- display Pack product

- send Email with SMTP mode

- search product by reference,name,upc,ean13

- fix some CSS, JS

- add format number setting, time internal setting

Release version 1.0.19

- fix permision when view quote detail in frontend

- fix style when remove product,

- add Link on Dashboard in Backend

Released version 1.0.20

+ change version to upload to

Released version 1.0.21

+ fix style popup in mobile

Released version 1.0.22

+ add NEW feature: convert a Quotation to an Order

+ fix ask a quote in frontend 1.7+

Released version 1.0.23

+ fix currency format issue

+ fix add product in setting tab

Released version 1.0.24

+ fix style when search product in admin

Released version 1.0.25

+ fix some table fixed ps_ in MySQL Query

+ fix some CSS for style

+ add Currency format 0'000.00X

Released version 1.0.26

+ validate license for 2019

+ compatible to Prestashop 1.7.5+

Release version 1.0.27

+ add fields: td_id_customer, td_id_quoteee into views\templates\admin\view.tpl to fix Order History in frontend while create an Order

Release version 1.0.28

+ fix wrong price when send a link to payment for customer

Release version 1.0.29

+ fix when add/edit currency in Backoffice & Website is difference

+ remove all comments

+ fix shipping wrong when make an Order

+ remove addNewContext, change make_order in editpriceproduct.js

+ modify JS file: editpriceproduct.js

+ add $mail_adm->CharSet = 'UTF-8'; to controller/frontend/quotes.php

+ fix ', " in Product name, attribute name.

+ fix Pack product in all products table

+ change all float number to DECIMAL(20,6)

+ display formatted Price in PDF

+ remove ALL Specify without an Order

Release version 1.0.30

+ fix wrong price in popup, Quote Cart when click remove or Add to Quote button

+ remove function deleteAllSpecificPriceHasCart in createCart controller because SpecifyPrice is fixed since 1.0.11

+ fix couponcode.php controller

Release version 1.0.31

+ fix issue when edit quantity in backoffice, Total price x 100

+ fix date format in notes, email by language

+ move Popup to displayPopupQuote function

Release version 1.0.32

+ fix filter Date in Admin

+ format Date by language in order notes, Quote list in website

Release version 1.0.33

+ fix error NaN when enter coupon, then remove it

+ fix payment list when create an Order

+ fix wrong format currency when email from Backoffice

+ compatible to custompaymentmethod module

+ fix wrong Order when a language disabled

+ fix can not remove coupon code after Save

Release version 1.0.34

+ fix duplicate help-block in Templates tab

+ fix currency format for coupon in subtotal PDF

+ fix time format in message form

+ change convert_url in tinymce to false

+ add Quote ID columns to Quotes list

+ move captcha from controller to external file

+ add new setting: Use Price exclude Tax when add to Quote on website

Release version 1.0.35

+ fix SMTP for all PHPMailer

+ fix underfine when remove a product without attribute in Quote Cart

Release version 1.0.36

+ fix quote_date token in PDF

Release version 1.0.37

+ add maintaince mode to getContent for website offline

+ upgrade PHPmailer to lastest version 6.x

+ upgrade MPDF to lastest version 8.x

Release version 1.0.38

+ add optional to allow convert Cart into Quote in Cart page

+ display company address when show company = Yes

+ add permission to allow some group customer can use Quote module in website

+ remove displayRightColumnProduct when install

+ add timestamp for captcha in order to remove browser cache

Release version 1.0.39

+ add price include tax for product table in PDF, email, Quote detail

+ remove , in PDF

+ allow change format of Quote_id

+ allow change format of PDF name

+ edit baquote_calcTaxCost javascript, calculate tax cost in Backoffice

+ fix 0 in Shipping Name in Backoffice

+ fix warning in tinyMCE JS

Release version 1.0.40

+ add free shipping when convert a Quote into an Order

+ add break lines for message token

+ change total_discounts when create an Order from Backoffice

Release version 1.0.41

+ fix format address in Email confirm Order

+ developer add_order process again

+ change round number from 2 to 4 in files: createcart.php, beforegetshipping.php, addeditaddress.php, addproduct_newquote.js, askforaquotemodul.php

+ change round number from 2 to 3 in JS function: priceformatNumber

+ remove Guest account in SELECT when add Quote from backoffice

Release version 1.0.42

+ add position fields for Products in Quote

+ if a Product is a combination, it will use Reference of this combination

+ fix responsive all table in frontend when view Quotes List, view Quote detail in Frontend

Release version 1.0.43

+ fix make_an_order in Catalog mode from createcart.php controller

+ display Subject in Backoffice of a Quote

Release version 1.0.44

+ get price of product based on Quantity for specify price

+ fix settimeout, setInterval when center popup Quote in showdetails.js, editpriceproduct.js

Release version 1.0.45

+ fix bagetPaymentModules allow show payments when id_customer = 0 (Guest)

+ fix addeditaddress.php controller when display error for Zipcode

Release version 1.0.46

+ upgrade license header to 2021

Release version 1.0.47

+ compatible 100% to prestashop 1.7.8+

Release version 1.0.48

+ fix layout Yes/No in Backoffice

+ add displayBackOfficeHeader hook

+ fix layout td_customer_admin, Order Notes, Make an Order in Backoffice

+ upgrade license to 2022

Release version 1.0.49

+ fix [8] Trying to access array offset on value of type bool lines 2126, 2128

+ fix [2] file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect lines 2012

+ add content to index.php

+ add escape to view.tpl, addnewquote.tpl

Release version 1.0.50

+ fix [phone] token in email

+ change license header to 2023

+ compatible to prestashop 8.x+

+ change Tools::jsonEncode to json_encode, Tools::jsonDecode to json_decode

Release version 1.0.51

+ fix Security in customernewquote controller: check Admin Cookie

+ update mpdf to 8.1.1 for php 7.4+, 8.x+

+ fix Tinymce in Templates for Prestashop 8.x+

Release version 1.0.52

+ fix security from Agathe Aumont email