Boost Customers’ relationship with the top Live Chat Modules for Prestashop

When running a business, the most important part doesn’t lie on how you advertise your products or price your items.

The main factor that contributes to the success of a company is how you make your customers feel.

No matter the quality of your products or how confident you are in your selling skills, failing to cater to your customer means no potential buyers.

Therefore, communication between a company and its customers is critical, and there’s no better way to ensure that through live chat.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to further you and your customer’s communication, this article explores the top live chat Prestashop modules.

Top Live Chat Prestashop modules for your online store

1. Prestashop Facebook Live Chat Pro Module

Prestashop Facebook Live Chat Pro Module

It is no doubt that Facebook is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Therefore, it has also become one of the biggest platforms for markets.

This Facebook Live Chat Prestashop module is free and easy to use, allowing you to message multiple customers at the same time. Whether on a phone, computer, or tablet, you can still chat with customers with ease.

Customers can also directly chat on your store using their Facebook account as well as allow them to like your Facebook page from the website.

If you want your customers to receive a warm welcome, you can add a customized welcome screen for new visitors.


2.Whatsapp Live Chat with Customers & WhatsApp Business Model

Whatsapp Live Chat with Customers & WhatsApp Business Model

If you know anything about WhatsApp, you should know that it’s one of the biggest texting platforms in the world. This WhatsApp Live Chat module makes it possible to contact customers through WhatsApp when they’re looking for quick support.

As a convenient way to offer customer service to your precious customers, they can receive immediate solutions to their problem or question. This Prestashop module provides an array of features including multi-language texts, sharing options, filter customer groups, and much more.


3.Live Chat and Ticketing System Module

Live Chat and Ticketing System Module

This Live Chat and Ticketing Prestashop module is a 2-in-1 online customer service add-on. As an efficient way to live chat, this module also tracks and manages the number of customer issues.

Supported by mobile devices, customers can smoothly send any concerns through the live chat feature.

This module also consists of many security layers to prevent spam or anything intruding on your customer’s experience on the website.

You’re able to chat with over a thousand customers at a time without having to worry about slow loading website servers.


4.ProQuality essential PACK (x2)

ProQuality essential PACK (x2)

When purchasing live chat and newsletter add-ons individually, it can cost a lot of money. If you’re looking for a high-quality live chat and newsletter add-on, you should consider this ProQuality essential pack.

As an Prestashop add-on that offers both live chat and newsletter add-ons, in return you get an excellent Prestashop module for the price of one.

Providing you an easy and fast way to communicate with customers, you can also send customizable newsletters to your customers to boost your sales.


5.All-in-One – Live Chat, WhatsApp, Call Back, Messenger Module

All-in-One - Live Chat, WhatsApp, Call Back, Messenger Module

Instead of buying multiple add-ons for different apps, why not save money and buy this user-friendly All-in-One Prestashop module.

Integrated with the most popular texting platforms, it includes all major contact channels into one module.

It is incredibly beneficial for any company that has multiple social media, including Viber, Skype, Facebook messenger, and many more channels.

With customer service being as efficient as ever, you can now swiftly chat and resolve problems through direct chats.


6.Zendesk Live Chat Ultimate Integration Module

Zendesk Live Chat Ultimate Integration Module

Zendesk is an excellent live chat module, with the primary function of high-quality communication.

As a fully functioning module that practically supports communication between you and your customer, it gives you an opportunity to improve customer relations.

Being an adaptable module that enhances the customer’s experience, the selling point of this live chat add-on is its personalized service.

This Prestashop module has a unique and modern design, giving you the option to adjust the live chat arrangement into a window layout or dashboard layout.

Download: – Multilanguage Module - Multilanguage Module

As a company with many international clients, it’s vital to communicate when customers have a problem or question fluently. You should utilize this chat module that excels in the critical area of language support.

With the assistance of up to 49 languages, is guaranteed to appeal to shops all around the world as the best multi-language live chat module. Available on desktop and mobile apps like Android and iOS, it makes reaching out to your customers as effortless as ever.

Additionally, you can also track and monitor progress, log chat history, and analyze performances.

Download: Customer Communication Platform module Customer Communication Platform module

For any online stores that are searching for a budget-friendly Prestashop add-on that still offers all the essential features, is an excellent alternative to explore.

As an inexpensive package that offers live chat, marketing, feedback, and support, you can efficiently engage with your customers and provide support via email and Facebook.

There are many benefits when using this module, including the automatic system that engages with and welcomes new customers to the site, and re-engage ones that slipped away.


9.Live Chat Module

Live Chat Module

This user-friendly Prestashop Live Chat Module helps strengthen the communication between a company and its customers.

It functions both online and offline, equipped with many useful features that allow you to provide customer support persistently.

This module sends notifications to operators to encourage fast responses and satisfy any rising questions or problems that your customer has.

Furthermore, multiple operators can use this add-on at the same time as well as participate in the same chats. As a simple module that is easy to use, installing this Prestashop add-on will increase your sales.



It’s important to understand that your customer is always the number one priority.

For any online stores that are looking to improve their website further to communicate with your buyers comfortably, you should browse Prestashop modules.

With thousands of modules readily available for you to install, utilizing Prestashop Modules is a great way to enhance the performance of your website.

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