Popular PrestaShop Chatbot Modules to use on PrestaShop Store

You are owning a PrestaShop store that gets a lot of traffic along with a number of messages from customers? Congratulation!

However, it would be a big omission if you have not installed any chatbots on your PrestaShop store’s site.

They can do more than you think and help you to release pressure on your Customer Service Staff.

Keep reading to learn about Popular PrestaShop Chatbot Modules to Use on Prestashop Store in this article. Choose the one which is the best fit for your store and skyrocket your sale!

Popular PrestaShop Chatbot Modules to use on PrestaShop Store

A chatbot can totally replace a chat agent!

1. Tidio Live chat, Bots and Messenger PrestaShop Module

When it comes to a chatbot, Tidio is an excellent Module for PrestaShop. You will know why, after seeing what it can provide you as follows:

Tidio Live chat, Bots and Messenger PrestaShop Module

  • Simplify your communication methods

Tidio combines all of your communication channels (live chat, emails, and Facebook Messenger, etc.) in only one panel.

  • Automatic Reaction to your customers

On behalf of you, the smart bots will chat with your customers based on their behavior and dramatically increase your sales. Tidio is always there to communicate with your site visitors immediately and helps them with their asking.

  • Fast Installation

Setting up this PrestaShop Module in your PrestaShop Store only takes a few minutes.

  • Adjust the widget appearance

You can modify its widget outlook for better User Interface.

  • Keep in touch with your customer anytime

Tidio mobile app enables you to reply to your clients no matter when and where you are.

  • Proactive actions before your customers

This PrestaShop Module can observe the behaviors of your customers and interact before they begin to type.

The installment of Tidio Chatbot is also among the simplest and fastest PrestaShop Addons. Just a few clicks and your store’s sales will grow rapidly!

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/support-online-chat/45606-tidio-live-chat-bots-and-messenger.html

2. Chat Bot for Social Networking Module

This PrestaShop Module enables you to monitor your site and communicate with your customers with the well-known app for Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot for Social Networking Module is highly customizable and can help you to create and promote customer relations, which results in overall engagement and conversion rate improvement.

Chat Bot for Social Networking Module

You just need to purchase this PrestaShop Addon once. Then you will be able to utilize the chat and all of their services without any additional fees.

Now I will show you some of its outstanding features:

  • Simple installation.
  • Send rich media including photos of products, buying buttons,
  • Customizable widgets on your site.
  • Fast reply with the hotkeys set.
  • Work effectively with every web and mobile browser.
  • Proactive interaction with visitors if triggered – For example, it will automatically send a message to your customers if they have been on your site for more than 1 minute.
  • The chatbot can answer any questions and reply with a friendly and professional tongue promptly, which is sometimes even better than a chat agency.

Chatbot for Social Network is a great way to promote the relationship between you and your visitors, then skyrocket the conversion rate.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/support-online-chat/25849-chat-bot-for-social-networking.html

3. Google Dialogflow Chatbot Module

If you love DIY(do-it-yourself) things, this PrestaShop Module is for you. Utilizing the Google Dialogflow API, it enables you to design your own chatbot, which makes it always suitable for anyone.

What can this Module for PrestaShop do?

  • User experience enhancement.
  • Let you apply the Google dialog flow chatbot on your PrestaShop store.
  • Satisfy your customers by solving all of their questions and complaints.
  • Time-saving and money-saving. You will not need to hire chat agents or text with your customers by yourself.

Google Dialogflow Chatbot Module

Outstanding Features:

  • You can adjust whatever you like (text fonts, backgrounds, colors, reply sentences, etc.)
  • Create excellent answers (add links and pictures/videos, etc.) to your visitors by encoding.
  • This great PrestaShop Addon can decrypt the ISO code in the URLs and customize the chatbot language to fit your clients (as long as it is available in the Dialog flow chatbot)
  • Needless to send any mails for an answer, your visitors can chat with the bot!
  • By inserting links into the bot’s answer, you can redirect your customers to any desired category and product pages.
  • Your clients can cancel the chatbox whenever they want.

Install this PrestaShop addon and take advantage of what Google offers you!

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/support-online-chat/44530-google-dialogflow-chatbot.html

4. Abandoned Cart Reminder & Messenger Chat Bot Module

Utilizing an automatic Facebook Messenger cart reminder to retrieve all of your cart abandoners and skyrocket your sales. A message would show up in your customer’s messenger if he left products in his cart without making a purchase!

Abandoned Cart Reminder & Messenger Chat Bot Module

What are this PrestaShop Module’s benefits?

  • Remind your clients to complete their purchases via a Facebook Messenger chatbot.
  • No email address needed.
  • Offer a special deal/ discount voucher/ remind your old customers about your PrestaShop store.
  • If your clients have already logged into their Facebook accounts, the checkbox will automatically fill their information.
  • Your store Facebook page will send your customers up to 3 follow-up messages if they add products to cart without purchasing.
  • Adjust a range of beautiful chat templates.
  • Set timetables for reminding messages.
  • Track full statistics and generate a report from your Facebook app.
  • Regular updates.
  • Helpful support staff

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/28728-abandoned-cart-reminder-messenger-chat-bot.html

5. Messenger and Chat Bot Module

Another Prestashop Module of Chatbot that is powerful for your store is this one which provides your buyers with an easy way to contact and gets an immediate response.

Using this module, you can implement a button allowing your customers to send a message. You need scripts beforehand regarding predicted questions about the products.

That way, your clients get their information anytime they need, even when you’re offline, keeping your buyers fulfilled with satisfaction.

Messenger and Chat Bot Module

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/support-online-chat/22710-messenger-and-chat-bot.html

Final Words

Finally, I have introduced to you four most Popular PrestaShop Chatbot Modules to Use on Prestashop Store. In my opinion, the first two choices are the best chatbot Modules for PrestaShop Stores because of their great features. However, you can choose any of them if you want.

Thanks for reading!

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