10 Top-rated Prestashop Addons to add Pop-up for Prestashop Store

There are many advertising methods for businesses to advertise for their companies. Pop-up ads are a new, modern form of advertising with the advantage of being able to attract customers’ attention every time they visit a website.

Customers can immediately see your ads and messages that you want to convey.

However, sometimes, Pop-up ads not only are ineffective but also bring annoyance to users. Then:

  • High website bounce rate
  • The time users access on the website is low
  • Low conversion rate

Therefore, we want to provide you with a quick and effective solution – Prestashop addons. This list of 10 Prestashop modules is not only for marketers but also for sellers, copywriters, designers, or developers.

Best recommended Prestashop addons to add pop-up ads

1. PrestaShop Better Discount, Vouchers, Coupon Pop-Up Pro Module

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PrestaShop Better Discount, Vouchers, Coupon Pop-Up Pro Module is one of Modules Prestashop that can increase your online store’s subscriptions and email lists by creating pop-up ads about Promotions of Discount, Voucher, and Coupon codes. Also, your website conversion rate will be promoted.

It works most effectively on computers and tablets, providing beautiful and professional pop-up ads which will make viewers impressed. You will find it great when seeing the increase in conversions right in the first month.

Better yet, it’s incredibly easy to set up and use that you just need to install within five minutes.

Download: https://buy-addons.com/store/prestashop/module/prestashop-discount-vouchers-coupon-pop-up-pro-module.html

2. PrestaShop Advanced Newsletter Pro Module

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With the PrestaShop Advanced Newsletter Pro Module, you can expect a website that gets a conversion at a rate of 30-40 percentages the amount it used to have.

From that, the Module for Prestashop Addons Prestashop will boost your sales and turn viewers into your potential customers by creating targeted mail lists, sending emails, newsletters to them, and managing subscribers.

Furthermore, great support is one of its advantages. No matter when you contact, the support team of the extension will be there to help and your problem will be solved within 24 hours.

Download: https://buy-addons.com/store/prestashop/prestashop-advanced-newsletter-module.html

3. Product Video, Youtube, Vimeo… Tab

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Prestashop Product Video, Youtube, Vimeo,… Tab Module will improve your online store’s interaction and conversion by adding video on Product Tab or pop-up ads in the most accessible and effective way.

With a perfect system and visuality, your store’s image will be more trustworthy in customers’ mind.

What’s better than that?

That is, you’ll lose $0 for this extension. With all the benefits that this free Module Prestashop offers, what else can you ask for?

Download: https://buy-addons.com/store/prestashop/module/product-video-youtube-vimeo-tab.html

4. BA Display Recent Sales Popup Notifications

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BA Display Recent Sales Popup Notifications Addons allows you to promote your potential customers buy products on your website by adding sales notification pop-up ads.

With those notifications, you can lead the customers to the hot and trending products on the store, thus satisfying them by saving their time and effort. Moreover, the display and layout are all user-friendly.

  • Here are some further features that you may love:
  • Easy setup
  • Detailed documentation and guides
  • Perfect support

Download: https://buy-addons.com/store/prestashop/module/advertising-and-marketing/ba-display-recent-sales-popup-notifications.html

5. Pop Promo (Popup) Module

10 Top-rated Prestashop Addons To Add Pop-up Ads - 5

Pop Promo Module is designed and operated smartly that it can check out which products creating low activity sales, from that can replace them with the trending items for customers to recognize immediately.

Besides announcing new and best-selling products, the pop-up ads of this Prestashop module also display special offers and so on, which will promote your communities on social networks.

It can be said that the extension is flexible that you can customize the size for the pop-up ads. Additionally, different language availability is one feature of the Prestashop addons.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pop-up/19431-pop-promo-popup.html

6. Newsletter Popup Module

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This Newsletter Popup Module attracts your customers to raise their demands on keeping in touch with your store by offering them to sign up for newsletters, which can be a discount on their next purchase or other kinds of promotion.

But, it’s not all its advantages.

You can customize and configure the images, text, colors, languages, etc. of the pop-up ads. Hence, your customers can feel the consistency in both the website and the ads.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pop-up/21278-newsletter-popup.html

7. PrestaShop Popup Notification + Social Connect

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PrestaShop Popup Notification + Social Connect Module is an excellent choice that will help your online store increase the newsletter subscription and social network logins.

The flexible customization is a very thought out thing that you can adjust the pop-up ads to your needs.

Moreover, it’s very easy to implement all its amazing functions. If you have some troubles in the installation process, you can contact the 24/7 support team for help.

Download here.

8. Popup Maker Module

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Popup Maker Module has done a good job in Prestashop SEO that designs a user-friendly interface, autoresponder system, and grows your email lists.

You won’t have any difficulty installing and setting up the extension with detailed video tutorials that the developers provide and professional, fast support.

Also, the Prestashop addons allow you to easily customize the ads that offer over 36 pop-up templates for you to choose.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pop-up/41291-popup-maker.html

9. Popup when entering, leaving, add product, newsletter Module

10 Top-rated Prestashop Addons To Add Pop-up Ads - 9

Not only is it a multifunctional pop-up creation tool but the Popup when entering, leaving, add product, newsletter Module also helps you manage your promotion programs.

Convenient, right?

When customers visit your store, the ads will be the first thing they see. Additionally, the extension will promote visitors to come back to the website that enables you to configure the pop-up ads to show up when they try to leave your online store.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pop-up/23773-popup-when-entering-leaving-add-product-newsletter.html

10. Creative Popup Module

10 Top-rated Prestashop Addons To Add Pop-up Ads - 10

As its name mentions, Creative Popup Module is a smart and modern extension that can design beautiful pop-up ads, capturing customers’ attention at first sight.

You will love the target feature that the extension will help filter your potential customers to add them to your email list effectively, turning them into subscribers.

Those who are concerned will be auto-responded in the shortest time, so the possibility they decide to purchase and your website’s professionalism will be higher.

Download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pop-up/39348-creative-popup.html

Our last words

Pop-up ads are now being used by many businesses and are a powerful tool for customers. Fortunately, using Prestashop addons will help increase the possibility that users can pay attention to your business, so it is a very easy tool to turn viewers into potential customers for your enterprise. If you need any further guides about free Modules for Prestashop, don’t hesitate to let us know. Please like and share if our list is useful for you.

Thank you.

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