[Prestashop help] What is Guest Tracking page in Prestashop website?

How to track, view an Order in a Prestashop Store?

  • If you are a customer (logged in): When you complete to make an Order in a Prestashop store,  you can go to Order History for manager your orders.
  • If you are a Guest: The Prestashop will send a link that called is Guest Tracking, you can click this link to view your orderguest-tracking-2

How to view a Guest Order Tracking page?

  1. Click Guest Tracking link from email that a Prestashop website sent it to you after you completed an Order
  2. Or enter the URL: http://your-prestashop-store.com/index.php?controller=guest-tracking, a page display like


Then enter Order reference, email that you used to checkout in order to view detail your Order.

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