[Prestashop theme] 9 Awesome Design Tips For Prestashop Product Page

An average e-commerce website’s shopping cart abandonment rate of 77.3%. That is a loss of millions of dollars.

Whether it be any product or service that you sell, creating a need or extreme desire is essential. One easy way to do so is building a website, not only just a simple website, but an attractive one. No customer is much interested in knowing about the company but the products or services you provide.

Building an attractive product or service page is a lot more than just the color combination. It is also about how you place the products, fonts you use, and user responsiveness and many other things. And what better e-commerce platform than PrestaShop to host your website.

PrestaShop offers you free shopping cart softwareHere are nine design tips to help you create attractive product pages for PrestaShop store that will increase your online sales:

1. Product title

Always keep your product title less than 65 characters. Now you’d have one big question? Why so many product names on Alibaba have product titles that are two to three sentences long? That’s a different kind of marketing technique they use, but it is advisable not to do so as the customers don’t like that.

Prestashop Also, choose an artistic yet easily readable font to attract your customers and avoid using your brand name in the title just to get rank higher in Google search.

2. Product images

It is something that can win you a customer every single time. And that is why invest in hiring a good product photographer who can bring the best out of your products is a must. Only upload high-resolution photographs that are clear, large, and crisp.

Always put two types of images. So if you have a clothing website, you can show the dress and then dress on a model. At least include three angles of every type of image. If you have a car parts e-commerce website, you can show a photo of the car part and a photo of its packaging.

3. CTA buttons

Customers find it very convenient when the call-to-action buttons like “proceed to checkout” and “add to cart” are placed close to the product. It puts off the customer when they have to search for these buttons. Some websites put it at the very top or bottom of the page, so remember no customer has so much time to waste.

Popular e-commerce websites like Amazon has two call-to-action buttons to encourage the prospective customer to purchase the product.

4. Product Description

Keep your product’s description crisp and small. It should be very engaging, so use more of actionable sentences. Use SEO but make the description informative by using bullet points. Most customers prefer reading the description, so they get a better idea of the product because images don’t convey as much.

Use fonts like Arial or Calibri. Avoid using Times New Roman font because it is a boring one.

Your can readmore: 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell in Prestashop

5. Simplicity

The 21st century is the era of minimalism, and that is why websites that sell expensive products have a simple product page. So cluttering your product page will give the customer an impression that your product isn’t good enough.

The negative space encourages the user to think about the product and make a quick decision. However, make sure you provide all required information and then leave it to the customer.

6. Loading time

A product page design is a lot more than just fonts and description. Fast loading time is a complete winner for the customer. Slow loading makes customers impatient and lose confidence in your website, which will, in turn, reduce your conversion time.

So make sure your website loads in less than three seconds. If you have tried everything for purchasing a better server, take a look at your product page including CSS background and large product images.

7. Product Price

Place the product cost next to the call to action button. Always give a discount on pricing it higher first. Discounts make customers happy and will purchase the product even if they don’t want to.

se a large font and bright color to display the product price. Place the price on the right of the image or just below. Place call-to-action buttons just beside and below it respectively.

8. Shipping costs

Mention shipping costs on the product page because unexpected expenses during checkout will annoy your customer. Most websites offer free delivery to maximize their sales. But if you are a newbie and cannot afford free delivery, just make sure you mention the shipping cost crystal clear.

Either way, you can offer free shipping if the person reaches a certain shopping total. This can win the person’s royalty and also sell a product or two more so that the customer reaches the shopping target.

9. Daily deals

Is there a product you have trouble selling? Well, run it as a daily deal, offer a good amount of discount and watch as it will get sold like hot cakes. This also encourages your customers to return to your website to check if you a good daily deal going on.

presta-shop On an average, keep five to six products on your daily deals, and you will see a steep increase in conversion rate. So make sure you keep updating the deals section by adding new products to it and not repeat them after the cycle is over.

Selling a product or service isn’t easy, but it can be a lot less complicated if you make an excellent first impression. Consider your sales opportunity as your imagination. It is unlimited, so don’t keep a closed mind and give up easily, something or the other will work out for you until then, keep trying.

The e-commerce world is continuously changing, so as you add new products to your kitty, also learn techniques and also develop your own.

Source: https://www.probytes.net/blog/tips-prestashop-product-page/

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