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[Free] Prestashop BA Smart SEO Internal Links Module


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Software Version: PrestaShop 8.x+, PrestaShop 1.7.x+, PrestaShop 1.6.1.x+, PrestaShop 1.6.0.x+

Compatible Browsers: All

Boosts page views, improves PageRank, get mass traffic, higher user engagement with BA Smart SEO Internal Links module. It allows to automatically create crosslink your internal pages by linking keywords and phrases to the promoted store pages. You can use the module to improve On-Site SEO, boost your SEO and conversion rates.


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Features Free version Pro version
General Settings Yes Yes
Custom Keywords No Yes
Change Priority of Keywords No Yes

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Benefit for Merchant

  • Improve SEO On-Site for Prestashop Store, get mass traffic from Search Engine as Google, Bing, Yahoo...
  • Keep users on your website, higher user engagement and a stronger link profile just by reaping the benefits of internal linking.
  • Boosts page views, improves PageRank of Prestashop website.
  • Helps google crawl your prestashop site.

Benefit for Customer

  • Allows customer to navigate websites.
  • Keep customer longer on your website.

Main Features

  • Automatic create keywords from product name, product tags, product meta title, product friendly url, category name, brand name, supplier name, CMS title, CMS category name linked to a Product, Category, Brand, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category page.
  • Easy to add Internal links to any Text, any templates, any external modules in template (*.tpl) or any PHP file (*.php).
  • (Optional) Allow to setup Link template, example: <a href="{url}">{keyword}</a>
  • (Optional) Allow to setup Maximum Created Internal Links, Maximum Total Links on page
  • (Optional) Allow to setup Minimum length of keywords, Ignored keywords, Maximum links for a Keyword, Maximum keywords for a target.
  • (Optional) Automatic add target=_blank (to open a link on a new window or new tab), nofollow attribute to all links in a text.
  • Support multiple languages: Automatic find & replace keywords of language of customer on website.
  • Add custom keywords (PRO version): Allow add, edit, delete many custom keywords to link to any website, domain from your store.
  • Allow change Priority of keywords (PRO version): Example if you want uset Keywords from Category Name before Product Tags, you can set Priority of Category Name is smaller Priority of Product Tags.
  • You can add Internal Links to any external module, template with simple a way.
  • Support multiple stores, multiple currencies.

Easy to use module, excellent free and received the quickly and efficiently

I asked supporting and received it almost immediately. The module works and still works.
thanks for a great free prestashop module

Absolutely amazing customer services from this man, really deserves a medal, fair play to him.

a big module with cheapest price.
thanks for your team. please continue to developer more cheaper module
thanks again.


Release 1.0.1

- rename module title

- move addALLKeyword to getContent

- add new solution for generate bulk/mass links, keywords

Release 1.0.2

- add support UTF8 language

Release 1.0.3

- fix does not display internal links when maximum_created_links = 0

Release 1.0.4

- fix issue when only use Custom Keywords, no use automatic keywords in basmartseointernallinksFilterText function

- change license header to 2020

Release 1.0.5

- Speedup by created Cache file

- change $keywords to static in basmartseointernallinksFilterText() function

Release 1.0.6

- Change license header to 2021

- Compatible to Prestashop 1.7.7+

- Add Translation files

Release 1.0.7

- compatible to 1.7.8+

Release 1.0.8

- stop ClearCache in getContent

- add min_length, change order by, add LIMIT in basmartseointernallinksFilterText function

- update licence header to 2022

- add clearCache button

Release 1.0.9

- add ClearCache when save, delete customkey words

Release 1.0.10

- add licence header to 2023

- compatible to Prestashop 8.x+

- change author to Prestashop

- change translation to translations

- change Pro version to link

Release 1.0.11

- add hook: actionDispatcherBefore

- change Product tags link