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ModernShop 2 Pro - Full Mobile Woocommerce App for Woocommerce Store


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Software Version: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Compatible Browsers: All

ModernShop is the Complete Mobile App Solution for Woocommerce Store. You can use Modernshop to connect to your woocommerce Store, then upload your app to Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store… Maketing for your store from this app and get more customer, more money… from your woocommerce app.

Benefits for Merchants

  • 1.You have a woocommerce mobile app on Google Play, Apple Store… with low cost
  • 2.Send Notification to customer who installed your woocommerce app when update products or on any Marketing Campaign from Wordpress
  • 3.Make your business as professional
  • 4.Free marketing your store, get more customer, more sales, more orders, more money… with low cost from mobile marketing
  • 5.Free get more traffic when customer share products from woocommerce mobile app.
  • 6.Etc…

Benefits for customers

  • 1.Get latest information about store, about discount, Sale Off, Coupon…
  • 2.View Products, Catalog, Search, Bookmark, Checkout… from their mobile
  • 3.Manager customer’s orders, cancel, track Order State… from their mobile. It is simple for customer
  • 4.Review, Comment, Rating Product from mobile App
  • Get a notification on their mobile when an order updated in Woocommerce


  • Compatible 100% to Woocommerce
  • Automatic synchronous Payments from your woocommerce store to mobile app: if your store enabled any payment gateways from woocommerce, they will immediately show & work on your mobile app. If you disabled/removed any payment gateways from woocommerce, they will immediately hidden from customer’s mobile app…
  • Automatic synchronous shipping method from your woocommerce store to mobile app: if your store enabled, created, open any shipping method from woocommerce, they will immediately show & work on customer’s mobile app. If you disabled/removed any shipping method from woocommerce, they will immediately hidden on your mobile app…
  • Push Notification from Wordpress website: you can send any notification to a product, category… So When user get a notification, they will click notification to open app for view product on your app (it is very simple and very good for marketing)
  • strong>Support 100% to Coupon, Tax, multiple Tax, Free Shipping
  • Support all kind of product in woocommerce: Simple product, Grouped product, External/Affiliate product, Variable product
  • Support Review, Comment, Rating products from Mobile App
  • Automatic send a notification when an order updated to customer's mobile
  • Allow Guest Checkout or Customer (logged in) checkout
  • Customer can manage their Orders, View Order Detail, Cancel their Orders, track Order State… from their mobile app
  • Bookmark products, Manage bookmark from Mobile App of User
  • Unlimited Category, Subcategory: Filter by Product features (dynamic data from your store to mobile app), price… Sort from Category page
  • Contact us throught a form: Message to email to admin of store
  • Synchronous Stock, Price, discounted Price, Images… for each Product
  • Rating App on Google play or Apple store
  • About us, Terms of Use, Privacy policy page: Allow edit content there pages from Wordpress, so you can change it anytime
  • Sign in/Sign Up, Update Profie from mobile app
  • Included Social Login in mobile application
  • Auto loading when user scrolling
  • Support Pull-to-refresh to reload data in readltime
  • Change Profile, Avatar… Forgot Password from mobile app
  • Include Admod, Google Analytic
  • Translate to any languages easy from one File in App
  • Supported RTL language
  • get Location (country, city, address) based GPS
  • Zoom +/- product pictures when view Product Detail
  • etc…

Test before you buy

1.Download and test it on Real Android device:

2.Demo for iOS, iPhone, iPad:

Technical Features

  • Developed by IONIC 3 Framework (latest version)
  • Every screen has page
  • HTML5 Hybrid App built with the Ionic framework and Angular JS.
  • Use with any Wordpress website in backend
  • Included Launcher & Logo design for Android, iOS
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Lifetime to upgrade: New features added constantly
  • Quick and efficient Support

Test before you buy

1.Download and test it on Real Android device:

2.Demo for iOS, iPhone, iPad:

The best ionic app and the best ever support team I have seen on this earth ! They are really ready to work to correct any issue :)

im register in your help desk and confimartioan link send to me but not login to helpdesk for many qustion pre shopping
tay do help desk not allow tickt
thanks for answer to me immediately

hi, my ticket 70593 has not been responded

Just install the app. The function looks awesome. Hope it can really make difference to boost sale.
Will give feedback after testing it and seeing effect.

Very good app! 5 Stars!
BTW i cant send a ticket because the confirmation email have some error..Can please see whats happen?

Works like it. I have 2 installed so I really needed this.

Everything else works perfect, however we cant login with new 1.1.6 it says username and password incorrect.

Can I deploy this to mobile website pwa

The support is very responsive and fast.
Nice app, just need to improve the transition between tab

Best App for earn money, Very good support and automatic update i recommand it for averyone good job !!


Release version 1.1.0

- Only work for mobiconnector 1.1.0+, wooconnector 1.0.12+

- remove all plugins: wp-user-avatar, wpcustom-category-image, post-views-counter, rest-api, wt-authentication-for-wp-rest-api, woo-slider

- upgrade all mobile app to IONIC 3 (latest version)

- fix all bugs in source

Release version 1.1.1

- display message if No result when click Filter in category

- fix click Avatar redirect to Edit Profile

- fix grouped product

- Speed up load image with plugin

- display Bank Information when view Order Detail if payment gateway = Bank transfer

- add Total in header to translate file src\components\button-cart\button-cart.html

- Translate Order Status in translate file

- load asynchronous images from

Release version 1.1.2

- remove asynchronous images plugin

- add fadein effect when open a page

- speed up mobile app to 300% with mobiconnector cache since version 1.1.2+

- fixed scroll up, input in form, pull refresh

- add webview

- upgrade Wordpress Plugins to NEW version

- when Order status is changed, send a notification to user

- fixed CSS in forgot password page

- fixed empty loading in filter/sort

- fix time on My Order page

Release version 1.1.3

- add social login for Facebook, Google+

- July 23, 2018: Upgrade plugins: mobiconnector, wooconnector, modernshop, modernshop-package to latest

- July 23, 2018: Update document

Release version 1.1.4

- home.ts: automatic logout when a token is expired

- Aug 13, 2018: add plugin cordova-android-play-services-gradle-release , remove Mobile App Source\node_modules\.bin, update NEW document

Release version 1.1.5

- remove twitter plugin in node_module

- remove cordova-play-service-gradle-release plugin in node_module

- Aug 20, 2018: update document for section: Install Wordpress plugins

- Aug 20, 2018: Upgrade Mobiconnector, remove another plugins.

Merge all plugins into Extensions Manager in Mobiconnector plugin, only use ONE plugin: Mobiconnector for ALL apps

Release version 1.1.6

- Upgrade form allow design shipping, billing, register, profile FORM in wordpress

- Aug 30, 2018: Upgrade Mobiconnector to 2.0.1

Release version 1.1.7, 1.1.8

- Move update Player ID from Login page to Home page (home.ts: add new lines 85-95, login.ts: remove lines 59)

- Sep 06, 2018: Upgrade mobiconnector to 2.0.2

Release version 1.1.9

- Sep 11, 2018: Upgrade mobiconnector to 2.0.3

- add new line pages/cart/cart.ts on line 92

Release version 1.1.10

- fix duplicated images when load product variables

- fix issue: can not load product if variants does not have a main picture

- fix add variants of a product to cart

- display product variants when view order detail in my order page

- fix issue: add to cart when a product without price

- Sep 20, 2018: Upgrade mobiconnector to 2.0.4